My Safer, Smarter, Connected Car

- Beth, from Virginia

I thought I had a connected car, until I discovered OtoZen

After many years of owning Toyotas and coveting a model from their upscale sibling, Lexus, I finally leased one. In my 2018 Lexus, there is so much technology that the dealership had a special tech expert give me a tour of all the bells and whistles. So, I’ve been changing audio from FM to Bluetooth to SiriusXM and making phone screen free calls for several years. And, if I want, I can track trips and such. I thought I was pretty wired, or, make that unwired and yet connected.

That was before I tried OtoZen, a small device that pairs with a user-friendly app and lets me communicate and coordinate better. I can also view my driving habits, track my time and mileage for expense reporting and keep track of my new-driver daughter’s whereabouts and safety. Here’s how I’m using this innovative product.

Easy, screen-free communications

OtoZen leverages the best of Siri and Alexa/Google Assistant and builds upon them to let me do things like dictate text messages and hear my messages read to me without ever touching my phone.

Right time, right place Reminders

I’m in and out of my car a lot and often think of things I need to do when I’m driving. Without touching my phone, I can set up reminders such as “pick up milk from the store.” I just set up my nearby grocery store as a saved location and voila – OtoZen will read me a reminder message when I am near the store.

I can also use my voice to ask it to read aloud my calendar. OtoZen will aggregate all of my calendars to give me a complete read out and will even connect me into a meeting or call without me touching anything. For this on the go working mom, OtoZen helps me get things done while staying safe. No more fumbling for the phone or touching the screen. No more distracted driving.

Knowing my daughter is safe. With an OtoZen pod in her car and the app on her phone, she no longer has to let me know when she arrives at work or leaves work. OtoZen lets me know automatically.