Get 2021 in-car technology, no matter your car’s age.

OtoZen makes it easy and affordable to upgrade any car with the latest safety and convenience tech like voice assistants, audio alerts, emergency assistance and much more.

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SOS app download to alert first responders

Fast, Easy Install

Upgrade your car in minutes no tools needed.

Fits Any Car

Bring helpful new tech to any vehicle of any age.

Effective, Affordable Upgrade

Get the latest tech without the big price tag.

SOS Button in Car

OtoZen helps bring safety and tech to any car by:

  • Adding 24/7 SOS services to summon first responders
  • Enabling reminders based on your location or calendar
  • Integrating with Spotify, iTunes, Audible, Zoom, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • Blocking distractions that lead to unsafe driving

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

OtoZen is all about helping you drive safely, comfortably and easily, designed to be user-friendly; installs and connects to your Apple or Android phone in minutes.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car
OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

Add Alexa to Any Car

Bring all of Alexa’s helpful functions on the road! Get even more from Alexa by syncing seamlessly with OtoZen so you can connect to meetings, let others request your ETA, eliminate distractions and more.

Level Up Your Driving Enjoyment

You can teach an older car new tricks! Bring podcasts, calendar alerts, emergency service SOS, ETA notifications and more to any vehicle.

Plus, OtoZen will help you optimize your commute based on your driving data.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

Why Drivers Choose OtoZen