Optimize Your Commute.

OtoZen makes your commute more efficient based on driving data, helps you spend less time in traffic and simplifies mileage and time tracking for easier expense reporting.

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Use OtoZen's Daily route planner for your daily Commute

Know When To Go

Use simple charts to find the best departure time.

Track Mileage & Drive Time

Make expense reporting and mileage tracking easy.

Personalized Insights

See insights based on your routes and driving history.

Use OtoZen's route planner for your daily commute

Make Your Commute Smarter and Data-Driven

OtoZen tracks every trip—including miles, minutes, locations, daily averages and more—and uses this data to score your driving safety, remind you of your driving history and more.

Simplify Time and Mileage Tracking

Because OtoZen automatically curates your commute data, it makes it easy to export and analyze your drive time and mileage, helpful if you’re driving a personal car for work and need reimbursement.

Get trip planning insights from OtoZen Pod
Plan your daily commute with the help of OtoZen Pod

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

Like not sitting in traffic, for example.

With OtoZen’s Commute Insights, you’ll know exactly when to leave for work based on your own historical data and AI-informed recommendations, avoiding peak traffic times.