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While Driving with OtoZen

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Why OtoZen?

OtoZen helps you avoid driving distractions without giving up
convenience. Designed to make your drive safer and more enjoyable,
you’re going to love:

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What Drivers Are Saying About OtoZen

See How OtoZen Makes Every Drive Better and Safer

Carol stopped texting and driving because OtoZen disables certain phone features—and she now uses Siri and Alexa to make calls, send messages and listen to her playlists hands-free.

Sarah receives Michael's live Location, ETA, and notifications, so she knows when to get the food ready—without calling or texting him. She also knows that Amy and Emily got picked up as she can see their location as well.

Jacob is home with his OtoZen app, sees Carol's location—and sends a voice message reminding her to get milk, which will play over the car's speakers.

Amy is using her OtoZen app to receive trip notifications and waiting to call Carol after she stops driving.

Michael got reminded about an upcoming Zoom meeting, and OtoZen joined the call hands-free. And when he was nearby the store, he got an audio alert to pick up a cake.

Emily is using her OtoZen app to check out her Drive Scores for the trips she drove, checking the trip history to find out when she last visited Sarah.

The All-In-One Driving Assistant for
Safe, Enjoyable Driving

OtoZen Pod auto accessories that calculate your driving performance

App + OtoZen Pod
Steering and Dash Mounts

OtoZen Pod works for any car to avoid texting and driving
Works on Any Car
Every vehicle is compatible with OtoZen
OtoZen Pod with 3 years of charged battery to avoid texting and driving
3 Year Battery Life
No need for charging or hardwiring to your car
OtoZen installs in 10 seconds & helps in safe driving
Easy Setup
Sync with your phone Bluetooth and go
OtoZen Pod is linked with voice assistant, music and more for focused and safe driving
Swap Between Cars
Bring OtoZen to your second vehicle or rental car

OtoZen Pricing

One-Time Purchase, No Subscription Fees

Non-Driver OtoZen App


Unlimited family members

Request and receive live locations and ETA updates, send voice messages and more, perfect for carpools, family members and kids

OtoZen Pod + Driver App


One time purchase

OtoZen Pod

OtoZen Steering Wheel Mount

OtoZen Removable Dash Mount

OtoZen App for Apple or Android
(Lifetime Access)

Helpful Features:

  • Trip Notifications
  • Live Locations
  • ETA Sharing
  • Audio Alerts
  • Voice Messages
  • Data Privacy Controls
  • Voice Assistants
  • Emergency Assist
  • Driving Score
  • Commute Insights

Optional Upgrades
One time purchase in the App

$19.99 $29.99
1 Additional Driver

Up to 4 Drivers Share a Pod

$4.99 $9.99
Hands Free Meeting Joiner


$4.99 $9.99
Store All Trip History

Get Started in Minutes


Step 1

Get the App

Download OtoZen
App, login, choose
to be a Driver or a


Step 2

For Driver

Set up (Pair) Pod
with App

For Non-Driver

No need to set up
with Pod


Step 3


Get a Family
member (Buddy) to
do steps 1 and 2


Step 4


Set up Automated
Arrival Notifications
with your first


Step 5

Place the Pod in your Car

You are all set for your first drive. Set up other features

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