Live Location & ETA

Keep family and friends informed of your current location and estimated arrival timeLive Location & ETA

Focus on your driving instead of texting or calling loved ones with your location and arrival time. OtoZen sends trip alerts to let select people know you’ve left, are nearby, have arrived and when they can expect you.

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Use ETA status feature provided by OtoZen
Use family locator app to know you friends whereabouts

Easily keep loved
ones up-to-date on your drive

OtoZen shows your live location, ETA and traffic conditions to chosen friends and family via the OtoZen app, plus plays voice messages from anyone who has location access over your car’s stereo so you don’t have to pick up your phone.

Plus, your loved ones can set up trip alerts, a handy way to show your exact location, time and distance from arrival and, finally, when you reach your destination, an automated way to stay up-to-date.

Communicate your progress and trip changes without using your phone

OtoZen eliminates the need to call or text with location or arrival updates, keeping you and your loved ones in sync! Plus, OtoZen makes it easier to coordinate schedules, keeping selected people aware of late arrivals, traffic jams or changes in your drive.

Plus, you can easily share your location or ETA for a single trip via a one-time SMS link—which expires after your trip is over—even if they don’t have the OtoZen app.

And, if you have kids or senior family members in a car with any OtoZen device, you automatically know where they are at all times—no registration or location access needed.

Find my friend app to know your buddy's ETA
Share your ETA status with your friends & car pool buddies

Reach your destination without the temptation to call or text

Focused driving is safe driving and, because OtoZen eliminates the need to text or call with trip updates, it’s the easiest way to reduce the risk of accidents.

Control your privacy and data

OtoZen takes your privacy as seriously as it does your safety! You control who sees your location and arrival time, granting custom permission levels. Your location is only tracked while actively using the OtoZen device with the option to stop sharing your location at any time, with a specific person or everyone who has access.

Plus, you can see how those viewing your location are using the data and even give someone one-time location/ETA access, which expires after the trip is over. OtoZen never shares your data with advertisers, police or insurance companies because your privacy matters.

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Use this find my friend app to check ETA status of your friend