More safety for new drivers. Peace of mind for parents.

OtoZen eliminates driving distractions, reports on speed/phone usage and makes it easy for new drivers to build good driving habits.

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SOS app download to alert first responders

Prevents Texting & Driving

Stops notifications that tempt new drivers.

Builds Safe Habits

Helps new drivers avoid speeding, unsafe driving and phone use.

Creates Accountability

View speed and phone usage in detailed reports.

SOS Button in Car

OtoZen helps new drivers drive safely by:

  • Locking the phone keyboard to prevent texting—or any typing
  • Adding hands-free control for music, navigation and more
  • Blocking distracting phone features, apps and notifications
  • Proactively preventing speeding with High Speed Alerts
  • Auto dialing 911 in an emergency
  • Creating AI-powered reports to show driving behavior

Proactively Prevent Speeding

Avoid speeding tickets, higher insurance premiums and dangerous driving with High Speed Alerts, an audio warning that makes new drivers aware of their speed.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car
OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

See Your New Driver’s Safety Score

Spot unsafe behaviour like phone usage and speeding with AI-powered driving reports—and get a Drive Score to guide conversations about safety with your new driver.

Keep Connected with Your New Driver

Know where your kid is driving at all times—and stay in touch.

  • Live location sharing prevents the need to call/text your new driver for updates
  • Allow for hands-free, voice-activated text message replies
  • Give your new driver access to 24/7 emergency services
OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

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