Safer driving for my daughter and me

- Laura, from Texas

Staying Safe while driving just got easier

I’ll admit, sometimes I may exceed the speed limit a bit. It’s not that I am intentionally breaking the law, I just occasionally miss a sign or don't realize that I’m going too fast. With OtoZen, I can set audio alerts that let me know when I’m driving too fast. I can also review my driving score afterwards on an interactive map that shows me the exact location – like that place where the speed limit drops from 35 to 25. And I can see if I’ve been holding my phone. In other words, it helps reduce my distracted driving. While I like these features for me, I LOVE them for my 17-year-old new driver.

Keeping my daughter safe behind the wheel.

With a device in her car, my daughter is learning how to be a safer driver. She can set up OtoZen to prevent texting while driving. She can also suppress smartphone beeps and buzzes that can take her eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. With OtoZen in her car, she avoids many of the temptations of having her phone, keeping her eyes on the road. And I have peace of mind knowing that OtoZen greatly reduces her potential for distracted driving.

With her phone connected to her Bluetooth in her car, she can make calls without fumbling for or looking at her phone screen. She can also suppress calls from anyone - well, other than me. Other features that she really likes is the ability to play, pause and skip songs she streams from her phone -- without having to touch her phone.

On my end, as her buddy, I can set up notifications to tell me when she is leaving work and when she is getting close to home. Knowing that she had full control over her privacy makes her more willing to utilize the great safety features of OtoZen. She can decide what information gets shared with me. And, if she has a breakdown or gets in an accident, she can use OtoZen to alert both emergency roadside services and me with her exact location. So, I can know more and worry less.