Distraction Eliminators

Become a safer driver with fewer distractions

OtoZen prevents phone use that takes your eyes, hands and mind off the road, eliminating distractions while introducing handy new features that make driving more enjoyable. It’s all the convenience and safety you’re looking for!

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Avoid Driving Distraction.
OtoZen Pod for new drivers to avoid distracted driving.

Bring zen to your commute

Paired with helpful features like voice commands, call/text filtering and more, OtoZen makes your time behind the wheel safer and focused. While the car is in motion, OtoZen knows to eliminate distractions and automatically reactivates the phone’s features when the car is slowed or parked.

Build safe driving habits

Helpfully, OtoZen can be set to block your screen, suppress notifications and alerts, even sending an SMS to callers so they know you’re driving and can’t answer. Meanwhile, you’ll still retain helpful tools like hands-free voice assistants and reminders while your loved ones get trip and location updates in real time.

Plus, OtoZen provides a useful report on your weekly driving practices to help you improve!

OtoZen Pod prevents distracted driving
Multitask without distracted driving.

Avoid the costs of distracted driving

Paying attention to anything but your driving leads to a higher risk of preventable accidents; each year, nearly 3,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries are linked to distracted driving, plus millions in property damage and insurance premiums.

If you have a habit of reaching for your phone while behind the wheel, OtoZen helps you break the habit with smart features that eliminate the most common distractions like texts, calls and notifications.

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