Emergency Assist

Get Emergency Help, Be Protected

Get help fast, subscription-free. With nearly 16,000 accidents in the US occurring each day, having quick access to 911 first responders helps save lives. And, in events like car trouble, icy roads, or a medical emergency, being able to alert your loved ones immediately brings peace of mind and can save lives. Feel safer as you or your family members drive with the confidence that emergency response is always a click away.

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SOS app download to alert first responders
SOS Button in Car

Should you encounter trouble on the road, OtoZen provides your select loved ones timely information giving them the chance to provide the help you need. The SMS link sent to them gives the time and location of your emergency request and vehicle information. It also lets them know if you have contacted 911 emergency services. Additionally, OtoZen streams your live location even when away from the car and presents them with directions to reach you.

OtoZen auto dials 911 and connects you to the closest first responders. No need to scramble to find your phone. OtoZen's 911 call made through your phone provides the first responders with your (phone's) current location, helping cut down response times when seconds matter. OtoZen provides the option to cancel the 911 call before it auto-dials on your behalf.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car
Avoid usafe driving with OtoZen driving assistant