Emergency Assist

Get emergency assistance directed to your location with the push of a button

Should you need help due to an accident, severe weather or medical emergency, OtoZen will alert first responders and select contacts of your location so help arrives quickly.

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SOS app download to alert first responders
SOS Button in Car

Call for help when and where you need it

With the push of a button, OtoZen connects you to the closest first responders and select loved ones should you encounter trouble on the road, giving you the chance to select the help you need.

OtoZen will alert your emergency contacts with your current location and auto-dials 911, requesting help to your specific location with a description of your vehicle, cutting down response time when seconds matter.

Know that help is always just a button push away

Feel safer as you or your family members drive with the confidence that an emergency response is always at hand. OtoZen helps ensure a rapid response time and that you can be found and helped easily.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car
Avoid usafe driving with OtoZen driving assistant

Protect yourself from road dangers

With nearly 16,000 accidents in the US occurring each day, having quick access to first responders matters. And, in events like car trouble, icy roads or a medical emergency, being able to alert select loved ones about an issue brings tremendous peace of mind.

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