Drive Score

Become a safer driver with a detailed driving score

Let OtoZen’s Drive Score analyze your driving, making you aware of unsafe habits like phone use and speeding. View an interactive map to see where you exceed speed limits and review your post-trip report and a weekly summary for additional insights.

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App for safe driving for drivers with learners permit
Avoid speeding ticket with the help of OtoZen Pod

Use data to become a safer driver

OtoZen keeps track of unsafe behavior like speeding or phone use, curating a summary after every trip that assesses your safety behind the wheel and offers recommendations for how to drive safely.

Arrive home safely

By becoming aware of distracted driving and speeding, you reduce your risk of becoming an accident statistic. OtoZen holds you accountable and uses data to deliver truthful feedback about your driving safety.

App for safe driving to keep the focus on the road
Save yourself from speeding ticket, use OtoZen Pod

Avoid the consequences of unsafe driving

From injury to accidents to legal fees and insurance premium increases, unsafe driving has potentially life changing consequences. OtoZen helps you break these bad habits to reduce your risk behind the wheel.

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