About Us


We all want to drive in a peaceful, distraction-free way so we can focus on the road ahead. We want to drive safely, without sacrificing connectedness, while keeping up with our busy lives, personal and professional.

At OtoZen, our mission is to help you drive safely without giving up the convenience you're accustomed to.

Developed in Silicon Valley by former engineers from Broadcom, Intel and Yahoo, OtoZen is led by professionals, parents, and geeks for the latest tech.  We are multi-taskers and hooked to our phones—but also mindful of the risks and costs distracted driving brings. We knew there had to be a better, safer way to stay connected, so we dreamt up a solution and engineered it to be what every driver needs.

Meet OtoZen (pronounced AUTO ZEN), the result of studying the best car-tech safety features from the biggest companies in tech, auto and insurance. Combining must-have features into a App that was more reliable, flexible, and provided better privacy controls for data, we’ve created a simple and affordable way to add safety to your car.

With awareness of the dangers of distracted driving on the rise, and the increase in bans on cell phone use in the car, we know that a hands-free way to stay connected and coordinated while driving is a need, for professionals and families. Plus, if the same solution gave new drivers feedback on their driving safety, they could develop better habits and become safer drivers for life.

As cell phone and car-tech evolves, OtoZen is at the forefront, applying our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness insights and make the OtoZen App even smarter, blending software and hardware to solve customer needs while on the road.

If you want to be connected to your family and friends hands-free, we have a solution. Or, get in touch with us for answers to any questions.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy matters. That’s why OtoZen never shares your data with advertisers, police or insurance companies. You choose when and where to share your data, always.

OtoZen tracks your location only while you are actively using the App. Trips, calendar events, reminders, locations, drive scores, commute insights, etc. are stored on your mobile device, not in the cloud.  

You control who sees your location and arrival time, independent of the permissions they may give you. You also have the option to stop sharing your location at any time (go invisible) or change your visibility to a specific person without impacting their visibility of you.

Unlike many apps, giving you complete control over the use of your data is important to us. We have gone through great lengths to create custom permission settings that give you full control over who sees your data and insights into how they use your data. And you can see exactly how others are using your data at any time.