Safe coordination for your busy life.

Take the stress out of managing your family on the go. Automatically get and send nearby notifications, audio messages, and reminders.

Start for free with the easy family coordination and safety app
Reminder app for daily tasks scheduling.
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Swim Lessons at 6 and Gymnastics at 6:30?!

Make pickups, dropoffs, and carpools a breeze by letting OtoZen automatically inform everyone of arrival times and trip progress. Share location with family.

Audio Reminders for Nearby Errands and Appointments

Let OtoZen remind you about nearby errands and calendar appointments with messages played on the car's speakers.

Hear them safely at the right time and place, and take the stress out of forgetting something. Drive safely.

Use calender reminders feature of OtoZen Pod to focus on driving.
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Receive Voice Messages Safely

Get short voice messages from friends and family that play on your car's speakers.

Reduce the need to look at your phone. Drive safely.

Track Your Commutes, Save Money

Track your miles, minutes, locations, and daily/monthly averages. Make carpooling more efficient.

You can export this data for simplified tax and expense reporting.

Best Reminder app that cares
Find my friend app to know your buddy's ETA

Find Your Car Easily

You'll never have to search for your car in a crowded parking lot again.