Crash Detection and Help Request—Even if you can't

Get Affordable Crash Detection

24/7 Emergency Response From Certified Dispatchers

Real-time Speeding Alerts—Prevent Crashes

Texting & Driving Warnings—Focus and Avoid Crashes

Keep track of your family —Peace of mind

Gain Insights into Your Family Member's Driving—Intervene before it is too late

Be Informed — Get Automated Notifications

Voice messages—safely and hands-free

What Drivers Are Saying About OtoZen


An innovative aid for anxious parents of teenaged drivers. Social House News

Ed Wright Editor

Peace of mind knowing that my family and I covered for accident detection and emergency services in whichever car we drive.


Peace of mind for parents of teen drivers.This is a great app for parents of teen drivers. My wife and I can easily see how safely our daughter is driving, and we don’t feel like we are tracking her every move, otherwise. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


Must have app, light years ahead all their competitors! First the app and the data for parents of recent teen drivers is amazing! They really thought through and provide the best data to ensure you are keeping your kids safe while on the road.


OtoZen Membership Plans

Family Plans To Share and Protect Every Family Member

Save 17% with yearly plans..

Full benefits for all members in all plans

View Live Location

Monitor Speeding

Family Driving Insights & Scores

Driving Logs: Students & Parents

Texting and Driving Alerts

Speeding Alerts For All Limits

Hands-free Voice Messages

Place Notifications & ETA

Automatic Crash Detection

Emergency Roadside Services

Family plans for 2, 4, or 8 of you


For 2

$ 4.99/mo/ea


For 4

$ 2.75/mo/ea

Family Plus

For 8

$ 1.62/mo/ea


For all

$ 0.00/mo/ea

Free Plan With Unlimited Trips, Logs & Reports

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  6. Peace of Mind with OtoZen!

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