Help is on the way—24/7 Automatic Crash Response.

Never have to face an accident alone. Give your family life-saving immediate roadside support, even if they cannot communicate.

Get started for free with Crash Detection and 24/7 SOS Emergency Response
SOS app download to alert first responders
OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

Crash Detection and Help Request—Even if you can't

Let OtoZen detect a crash using your phone's sensors and seek help automatically, even when you cannot.

The app detects accidents in any car, whether you're a driver or a passenger, and removes the burden of calling for help. Drive safely with OtoZen.

24/7 Emergency Response From Certified Dispatchers

Get help from OtoZen's certified dispatchers in our 24/7 monitoring centers. The dispatcher will notify local emergency services of your precise location and stay on the line until help arrives.

Get peace of mind that you never have to face an emergency alone. Stay connected with family.


SOS Button in Car