Know they are safe—Live Location, ETA, Nearby Notifications.

Receive automatic location updates. Communicate with your loved ones while everyone keeps their eyes on the road. Never have to answer, "What time will you be home?" again.

Get started for free with the best family live location, gps & eta sharing app

Keep Everyone Updated—Automated Notifications

Allow friends and family to request updates, so they get notified when you're leaving, nearby, when you arrive or if you are in an accident.

You won't need to touch your phone when you start driving, and they can be doing their thing—safety for you, peace of mind for them.

Let Them Know You Are Safe—Live Location and ETA

Let friends and family see your Live Location, ETA, nearest crossroad, traffic, and speeds.

It's the next best thing to let them sit next to you while you drive safely.

Use family locator app to know you friends whereabouts
Use this find my friend app to check ETA status of your friend

Protect Your Privacy—Total Controls

Have total control over who gets access to your location and for how long.

Know how others use your location and stop sharing anytime. Coordinate with full control.

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