See How OtoZen Makes Every Drive Safer

Carol is a new driver and driving safer with speeding alerts and phone usage warnings. Her family knows she is safe and when she is coming home.

Sarah receives Michael's live Location, ETA, and notifications, so she knows when to get the food ready—without calling or texting him. She also knows that Amy and Emily got picked up as she can see their location as well.

Jacob is home with his OtoZen app, sees Carol's location—and sends a voice message reminding her to get milk, which will play over the car's speakers.

Amy is using her OtoZen app to receive trip notifications and waiting to call Carol after she stops driving.

Michael got reminded about an upcoming meeting. And when he was nearby the store, he got an audio alert to pick up a cake.

Emily is using her OtoZen app to check out her Drive Scores for the trips she drove.

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Family Driving Insights & Scores

Driving Logs: Students & Parents

Texting and Driving Alerts

Speeding Alerts For All Limits

Hands-free Voice Messages

Place Notifications & ETA

Automatic Crash Detection

Emergency Roadside Services

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What Drivers Are Saying About OtoZen, The Best Safe Driving App


We have a new driver in the family, Otozen helped us have good rational discussions about speeding, texting & driving.


An innovative aid for anxious parents of teenaged drivers. Social House News

Ed Wright Editor

As a parent and a driving instructor myself I see how it can help improve driving. New drivers develop good habits by fixing bad behavior right when it happens.


Peace of mind knowing that my family and I covered for accident detection and emergency services in whichever car we drive.


Peace of mind for parents of teen drivers.This is a great app for parents of teen drivers. My wife and I can easily see how safely our daughter is driving, and we don’t feel like we are tracking her every move, otherwise. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind.


Must have app, light years ahead all their competitors! First the app and the data for parents of recent teen drivers is amazing! They really thought through and provide the best data to ensure you are keeping your kids safe while on the road.


A MUST DOWNLOAD! The ultimate app for families with teen drivers or drivers of any age! OtoZen is ridiculously feature packed with each feature adding layers to peace of mind regarding driver safety. From driver scores to speeding notifications and full trip reports, this app is a unique offering and a must download!


Finally an app like this! I’ve been able to connect the family with ways to track, remind, and safely drive each other. My favorite is the reminders… thanks!


I've been using this app to monitor my own speed as I tend to get caught up listening to music on my long drive to work everyday. It alerts me when I'm speeding. It also keeps a log of all your drives and organizes it by phone usage, top speed and speeding in general per drive. I really love this app.


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