Set your teen free, in the safest possible way.

From speeding alerts, texting while driving warnings, driving feedback, and more, it's everything your teen needs to drive safely. It's the next best thing to being in the car with them.

Get started for free with the speeding, texting while driving prevention app
Avoid Driving Distraction.
OtoZen Pod for new drivers to avoid distracted driving.

Slow Down—Speeding Alerts

Be aware of speeding with OtoZen's gentle beeps to help you slow down and avoid accidents. The app continuously compares your speeds and the different speed limits, all without you having to open the app. Avoid accidents.

Focus on the Road—Texting & Driving Warnings

Be reminded not to text and drive with OtoZen's mild phone vibration. The app senses the handling of the phone and helps you focus on the road. Avoid texting and driving.

OtoZen Pod for new drivers to avoid distracted driving.
Avoid Driving Distraction.

Keep them Informed—No Texts and Calls

Keep your eyes on the road while OtoZen keeps family and friends informed, so you don't have to make or receive calls and texts.

OtoZen shows them your Live Location with Traffic and ETA, and can automatically send Started, Nearby, or Arrived Notifications. Share Live Location with Family.

Become a Safer Driver with Driving Feedback

Get feedback on your safety behind the wheel, and build safer driving habits. OtoZen provides Drive Scores for each trip, factoring in Speeding and Phone Usage.

Ideal for new and experienced drivers to save on tickets, accidents, and insurance premiums.

Avoid Driving Distraction.
Avoid Driving Distraction.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road—Receive Voice Messages

Receive voice messages safely and hands-free via your car's speakers. Coordinate handsfree with family.