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What Parents Are Saying About OtoZen


An innovative aid for anxious parents of teenaged drivers. Social House News

Ed Wright Editor

As a parent and a driving instructor myself I see how it can help improve driving. New drivers develop good habits by fixing bad behavior right when it happens.


We have a new driver in the family, Otozen helped us have good rational discussions about speeding, texting & driving.


I've been using this app to monitor my own speed as I tend to get caught up listening to music on my long drive to work everyday. It alerts me when I'm speeding. It also keeps a log of all your drives and organizes it by phone usage, top speed and speeding in general per drive. I really love this app.


This has been the best peace of mind. My son got a ticket the first week he got his drivers license and so I took his car away. I love this app because now I don’t have to worry and I can look at his drives and see if he was on his phone and where exactly he was speeding. This is the only way I feel comfortable giving him his car back!


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