Automatic Crash Response

by Becky Boyd
Automatic Crash Response

Accidents occur in the U.S. at the rate of about one every 60 seconds, with new drivers at the highest risk. Effective roadside support is crucial to ensuring your family's safety. In the aftermath of an accident, you or your loved one may be unable to respond or communicate clearly. Minutes and seconds make all the difference in medical emergencies. The OtoZen app detects accidents and calls for life-saving services fast, buying you and your loved ones precious moments for help to arrive in time. 

At OtoZen, we believe this potentially life-saving technology should be available to everyone. Here's how we make it happen. 


Intelligent Crash Detection, Automated Outreach and Emergency Response 

Crash detection technology is no longer limited to luxury vehicles. We employ existing sensors in Apple and Android smartphones to do the job. Our Artificial Intelligence tech uses sophisticated algorithms to sense when an accident has happened. This peace of mind travels with you wherever you go, tethered to you and your phone no matter what car you're in. That's a real game changer in the personal-safety sphere.

This technology has been developed and rigorously tested by Sentiance, an intelligence-driven data science company, and Aptiv, the world's largest automotive safety supplier. You can feel safe knowing OtoZen has been rigorously tested and earned the highest marks.  

Automatic help Initiation and Precise Location updates 

We immediately alert certified dispatches once an accident is detected, providing them with precision location data, typically within a few meters. We also provide real-time updates concerning location if the vehicle is still in motion. 

Faster and Smarter Emergency Response with 24/7 dispatchers 

OtoZen's 24/7 certified dispatchers stand at the ready to respond to your emergency. In the event of an accident, they'll immediately call to see if you're okay. If you cannot respond, emergency services are dispatched to your location. Our highly-accurate location technology lets dispatchers find professional help nearest to you - the police, fire, or medical responders who can get to you fastest.

We can't prevent every accident in life, but we can prepare for it when they happen. OtoZen is your ally in being ready for when the unexpected strikes. We'll be there for you and your loved ones when you need us most.

Ready to bring the ‘zen driving’ experience to your car? Download the OtoZen app for free today and start realizing the benefits of our free speeding alert feature and much more.