Know They are Safe — Don't Distract Them

by Krishna Kalidindi
Know They are Safe — Don't Distract Them

We care about our loved ones and want to be sure they're safe. But texting and calling them while they are driving puts them at risk.


Calls and texts from the family count for a substantial percentage of drivers' distractions. Do these calls or messages sound familiar to you? 


  • Have you left yet?
  • When are you coming home? 
  • Are you stuck in traffic?
  • Let me know when you are 10 mins away
  • Drive safely, and don't be speeding
  • Don't take the Capitol exit today


But what if you had the answers without asking them, and you could help your loved ones keep their eyes on the road? With OtoZen's location safety solutions, all these questions are answered so your loved ones don't have to be distracted. With the OtoZen app, you would know if your teen driver or any family member is on the road, their Live location, ETA, Traffic, Speed and Speed limits, the nearest intersection, and much more. 


It's the next best thing to sitting in the car with them. The drivers don't have to do anything before or during the drive. The app automatically notifies the loved ones. Still, need to get in touch with the driver? Send an audio message that's delivered hands-free through their car speakers without them having to touch the phone.



Safe driving is possible - for you and your loved ones. We have plans to protect all family members. Click here to start your free trial today!