Sensovium Inc. Launches OtoZen App to Help Keep New Drivers Safe

Sensovium Inc. Launches OtoZen App  to Help Keep New Drivers Safe

The next best thing to being in the car with your teenage driver.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – November 21, 2022 – Sensovium Inc. has announced the launch of its new app OtoZen, which is designed to help drivers stay safe on the road. The app provides real-time warnings for unsafe driving behavior, such as texting and driving, and also features a speed limit warning system that beeps when the driver exceeds the speed limit.

New drivers are considered high risk because they lack experience behind the wheel. They're more likely to take risks like speeding, as the proportion of fatal crashes that involved speeding was reported higher for teenage drivers than for other age groups (43% versus 30%). Drivers are more likely to be in a crash during the first year of driving than at any other time, and teens are more likely than any other age group to be involved in a distracted driving crash. In fact, in 2020, 17% of all the drivers aged 15-20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted with cell phones at the time of the crash, the largest proportion for any age group.

The OtoZen app provides a safe driving assistant, especially for new drivers. The app also keeps the parents informed of their safety and driving progress. It's designed to help reduce the number of accidents caused by speeding and distracted driving. OtoZen's technology lets the driver know with audio alerts if they are speeding and when texting while driving. OtoZen privately and securely shares the driver's location with loved ones to keep them informed of their safety and help reduce calls to a minimum. The app provides a safe mechanism to send a voice message that's heard through the car speakers. Parents can see the progress of new drivers with drive scores. The app also has a crash detection feature that will send an alert to a 24/7 response team, who will assist in the event of an accident.

OtoZen offers an easy and effective solution to the problem of distracted driving. The app gets automatically activated when driving starts, without the driver having to open it. It works in the background to keep family informed of their location and ETA and helps keep an eye on the speed limit. And with driving alerts and family messages played as audio, driving with OtoZen is truly hands-free. OtoZen and several insurance apps provide Driving Safety Scores to measure the progress made over time. While this helps to track progress, OtoZen actually helps improve driving while it’s happening, not after. OtoZen’s real-time beeps warning of speeding and attempted phone pick-ups correct driver behavior in the moment when it matters. The benefit for drivers is not only to avoid immediate danger but also to train their brains with long-term safe driving habits that stick.

Sensovium’s Krishna Kalidindi said, "Our goal is to provide effective safety measures to our users that will help them avoid accidents and keep them safe on the road." 

Sensovium Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company that was founded by former engineers from Broadcom, Intel and Yahoo. The company is led by professionals, parents and geeks who are passionate about the latest tech. They recognize the risks and costs associated with distracted driving and wanted to create a solution that would help drivers stay safe and connected. The result is a product engineered to be what every driver needs. Sensovium is committed to helping drivers stay safe on the road, and its product is an essential tool for drivers and their families who want to stay safe and connected. Sensovium is committed to data security and privacy and data is not sold or shared with any third parties.

The app is available now for free download on iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit or check out this overview video.