Balancing Privacy and Location Safety

by Krishna Kalidindi
Balancing Privacy and Location Safety

Location sharing is helpful if you're concerned about the safety of your loved ones – but it has suffered from privacy issues and misuse. OtoZen protects privacy while still providing peace of mind.


OtoZen's Location-Sharing

Using the OtoZen App, you can invite friends and family to see your live location and ETA and receive nearby notifications. You choose the people to share your location with. Your connections can be drivers or non-drivers, and only need the OtoZen app to participate. The OtoZen app offers more customization in how you share your location data than any other app on the market. And here's what stands out above the rest:


Privacy Controls — Flexible with Total Control and Transparency




Using the OtoZen app, sharing your location with a parent, spouse, friend or neighbor shouldn't mean you give complete access to them at all times. With the OtoZen app, you have options:

  • Individual Sharing with No Groups or Circles - Unlike other apps, OtoZen does not have groups or circles to manage. Sharing happens on an individual basis giving you total flexibility.
  • One-Way Sharing - Sharing locations does not need to be reciprocal. For example, if your neighbor is taking your child to soccer practice, she can share her location without requiring you to share yours.
  • Moving Vehicle Location Sharing and Checkin Option for all other times - Unlike other solutions where location access, once granted, is visible, whether in a moving vehicle or stationary in a mall, for example, OtoZen limits automatic access only when moving. And OtoZen lets you share or request a location from others when they are not in a car, giving the most safety with total control of privacy.
  • Customized Time Settings for each person - Unlike other solutions where access is 24 hours once granted, you have the option to give access to your location information for specific periods. For example, you can share your location with a parent or spouse at all times or only during work and school commute hours. Or suppose you're the parent doing the carpool each week on Mondays and Fridays; In that case, you can select to share your location with the parents of the other kids from 8 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 5 pm only on those specific days. 
  • Go Invisible - It's easy to switch your location to be invisible to just a few of your connections or all of them. And since settings are saved in the app, it's just as simple to share your location again with the same family member when you're ready to. 
  • See How Others Are Using Your Data - OtoZen provides total transparency into how others are using the location access you trusted them with. Inside the app, you can see all the notifications they set up at your shared places.


Data Security — Data is Not shared or sold to 3rd parties

We believe that busy families should be able to communicate on the go with ease – without sacrificing safety and privacy. That's why OtoZen is the safe location-sharing app – never sharing your data with advertisers, police or insurance companies. You choose when and where to share your data, always. Your location is your business.


Download the OtoZen app for free and start using it today.