Stay on Schedule.

OtoZen keeps you on schedule with location-based reminders, meeting dial-ins and calendar alerts so you can concentrate on driving.

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Reminder app for daily tasks scheduling.

Stay on Track

Get reminders about nearby errands or upcoming meetings.

Focus on Safety

Avoid distractions that make you unsafe and less productive.

Hands-Free Productivity

Use voice commands while staying productive.

Use calender reminders feature of OtoZen Pod to focus on driving.

Let OtoZen Remind You of Nearby Errands

When you’re driving near or leaving a location, OtoZen will remind you via audio alerts to pick up dry cleaning, bring your passport or any other task you choose, ideal for one-time or recurring reminders.

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Always Arrive On Time With Calendar Alerts

Simply sync OtoZen to your calendars—and let it remind you of upcoming meetings and events! Plan your drive and prioritize your time as OtoZen tells you what’s next via audio alerts.

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OtoZen provides location based reminders to your daily chores
Best Reminder app that cares

Join Meetings Completely Hands-Free

Don’t fumble with your phone to join meetings. OtoZen integrates with Zoom, Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting and Google Meet calendar events, asking if you’d like to join when the meeting begins. Easy!

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Make Your Commute Smarter and Data-Driven

OtoZen tracks your miles, minutes, locations, daily/monthly averages and more, creating clear reports based on your data that you can use to plan your drives, avoiding peak traffic times. And, if you’re driving a personal car for work, you can export this data for simplified expense reporting.

Best Reminder app that cares