Helpful Reminders

Helpful reminders that keep you on schedule anywhere you go

Let OtoZen do the remembering and remind you about errands, events or tasks based on time or your location via your car’s stereo. Plus, OtoZen will even alert you about meetings and auto-dial into your next Zoom call—hands-free!

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Reminder app for daily tasks scheduling.
Use calender reminders feature of OtoZen Pod to focus on driving.

Location Reminders

Your to-do list just got shorter. OtoZen automatically uses your location to remind you about tasks nearby when they’re close and convenient, including recurring events like weekly dry cleaning pickups or annual car inspections. That means fewer trips—and serious savings on gas!

Now, you’ll never forget another errand or task because OtoZen reminds you at the perfect place through your speakers, letting you use your memory for more important things like 1990s boy band lyrics.

Calendar Reminders

Finally, it’s easy to remember birthdays, anniversaries and appointments! OtoZen syncs to your calendar and gives you a heads up about important events on your schedule, making you the master of your day.

You’ll always know what’s next so you can plan your day like a pro! Keeping your focus on driving, you’ll never worry about missing a big event or showing up late ever again.

OtoZen provides location based reminders to your daily chores
Best Reminder app that cares

Automatic Meeting Dial-in

Sync your OtoZen with Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Team Meetings and Google Meet and OtoZen will alert you of your next call! And, when it’s time to begin, OtoZen will do the dialing, joining the meeting while your eyes and hands are concentrated on driving. Be heard easily while using your phone’s microphone or car’s BlueTooth feature when speaking!

Forget fumbling with your phone or missing your call. OtoZen makes it easy to be a professional on the road without compromising safety.

Never forget another birthday, errand or call again.

Thinking about your day ahead or trying to remember important tasks makes you a distracted driver. You have enough on your mind, so put OtoZen behind the wheel of your schedule and get helpful reminders with crystal clear audio, played through your car’s speakers.

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Calendar reminders from reminder app provided by OtoZen