Drive Distraction-Free.

OtoZen is engineered to eliminate driving distractions like buzzes, beeps, text messages and incoming calls while turning your phone into a helpful hands-free device.

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Avoid Driving Distraction.

Eliminate Common Distractions

Block calls/texts and silence buzzes and beeps to help focus.

Avoid Dangerous Speeds

Set and receive audio alerts when you exceed safe speeds.

Monitor Your Driving

Stay safe and see weekly reports of phone usage while driving.

OtoZen Pod for new drivers to avoid distracted driving.

Minimize Your Drive Time Distractions

OtoZen blocks texting and app usage by locking the phone’s keyboard, suppresses notifications and sends automated SMS to callers so they know you’re busy driving.

While you drive focused, you’ll still have hands-free access to helpful voice assistants and your favorite apps.

Slow Down with High Speed Alerts

Have a need for speed? Get past this unsafe habit and avoid tickets or higher insurance premiums with OtoZen’s high speed alert, an audio warning that plays when you reach preset speeds.

Avoid Driving Distraction.
Avoid Driving Distraction.

Become a Safer Driver Using Data from Drive Score

After every trip, OtoZen provides you with a report on your safety behind the wheel—including speed and phone usage, viewed on an interactive map.

Ideal for new drivers or longtime drivers alike, view your Drive Score frequently to build better, safer driving habits.