Coordinate with Friends and Family.

OtoZen shares your live location, arrival time and trip progress via automated notifications—without the need for texts or calls.

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Keep Everyone Informed

Let select people request your arrival time via the OtoZen app.

Communicate Hands-Free

Receive and send audio messages without touching your phone.

Choose What You Share

Control who sees your location
and when.

Use family locator app to know you friends whereabouts

Keep Everyone Updated—No Texting or Calling

Allow friends and family to request updates so they can see when you’re leaving, nearby and have arrived via the OtoZen app. You won’t need to touch your phone or share your location because OtoZen automatically activates this feature.

Let Them Know When You’ll Arrive

If you hit traffic, OtoZen will keep anyone tracking your trip updated with your new arrival time via the OtoZen app, intelligently calculating your arrival based on traffic data.

Use family locator app to know you friends whereabouts
Find my friend app to know your buddy's ETA

Receive Voice Messages Safely

Keep your eyes on the road! Family and friends can send a short voice message (or have texts converted to audio) and OtoZen will play it on your car speakers, eliminating the need to look at your phone.

Protect and Control Your Privacy

OtoZen only shares your location info with the friends and family you choose—and only when you choose to do so. Stop sharing at any time and even view how others use your location data.

Your data is never shared with advertisers, police or insurance companies because your privacy matters.

Use this find my friend app to check ETA status of your friend
Find my friend app to know your buddy's ETA

Find Your Car Easily

Another bonus of live location? You’ll never have to search for your car in a crowded parking lot again. Simply open the OtoZen app and locate your car!