Get Emergency Help.

OtoZen gives you 24/7 Emergency Service access—without subscription fees—anywhere in the United States simply by pressing the SOS button.

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SOS app download to alert first responders

Get Help Fast

OtoZen connects you with the nearest 911 dispatcher.

Alert Select Friends

OtoZen will direct select people via SMS to your location.

Feel Safe & Confident

No matter where you go, help is
a click away.

OtoZen Pod provides Emergency alert button in your car

Get Assistance From 911 ASAP

When seconds matter, OtoZen will connect you automatically to the nearest 911 dispatcher, playing the call over your car’s speakers—anywhere in the United States, no subscription required.

And, if you accidentally bump the SOS button, just cancel the call before it auto dials.

Alert Friends and Family Fast

Choose friends and family to be your emergency contacts—and, when the SOS button is pressed, they’ll automatically receive an SMS with your live location, whether or not 911 was dialed and the time of the alert.

SOS Button in Car